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2015年10月微软又更新了最新的安全补丁,微软为Windows 10推出了KB3097617这个累积安全更新。但是很多网友却无法顺利安装这个更新,但是系统没能看到任何明显的错误提示消息。如果无法安装KB3097617,最终会导致电脑陷入无限重启,或者在撤销安装后回滚到桌面。然而考虑到这是个很重要的“补丁”,Windows 10用户们又非装不可,那现在没有可用的解决方案?

Windows10正式版累积性更新KB3097617据猜测主要是针对Bug修复和安全性提升。微软还为该版本系统发布最新的Windows恶意软件清除工具,另外还针对Win10上IE11浏览器推出Flash Player的安全更新。


首先是关闭所有杀毒软件的实时监控等保护功能(比如说360安全卫士、360杀毒软件,QQ电脑管家,金山毒霸等),还要Win10自带微软出品的Windows Defender。根据一些电脑用户的观察,KB3097617安装失败问题可能是由于这些安全软件阻拦所引起的,所以在关闭安全软件后可能会正常完成安装KB3097617。
一 、禁用反病毒软件的防护功能,然后再安装KB3097617补丁:
微软官方出品的Windows Defender也有让KB3097617安装失败的可能,因此即使计算机上未安装第三方防护软件(360安全卫士、360杀毒软件,QQ电脑管家,金山毒霸等),也请在安装累积更新前禁用Windows Defender。

KB3097617 x86(223MB):
KB3097617 x64(496MB):

Here are a few tips to deploy the new update on your PC

Microsoft released a new cumulative update as part of this month’s Patch Tuesday rollout, but just like it happened with its predecessors, KB3097617 fails to install without providing a clear error message.

As we’ve already reported to you yesterday, a number of Windows 10 adopters cannot install KB3097617, as their PCs are pushed into an infinite reboot loop or they’re redirected to the desktop after the installer automatically undoes all changes.

And because it’s a cumulative update, it’s easy to understand why so many people want to get it installed, so here are a couple of tricks that are worth a chance if you come across the aforementioned issues.

Disable your antivirus protection

We’ve received tons of messages from our readers that antivirus protection could actually block the update, so just try disabling the security software running on your computer and then try to reinitialize the install once again.

Windows Defender could also block the update from being deployed correctly, so even if you haven’t already installed a third-party security product, but still rely on the default one, it’s worth trying to completely disable it before rebooting your PC.

Manual installation

Some of our readers have also pointed out that manually installing the update could solve the problems, so use the download links below to get KB3097617 (check twice that you get the correct version for your PC) and then do everything on your own.

Installing an update isn’t rocket science and you only have to follow a few simple steps, with the wizard guiding you throughout the entire process. A reboot will obviously be required, so make sure you save your work before everything.

So if you do want to try out this solution, download KB3097617 for x86 (223 MB) or for x64(496 MB) and leave a comment in the box below to let us know if it worked.

Thank you, RT and everyone else for the tip!


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